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Care For Your Custom Made Orthotics

Passion Podiatry utilizes Biolab to provide custom-made orthotics that are manufactured to exacting standards, using the most advances in biomechanics.

A functional orthotic does not work on the principle of merely supporting the arch. The device aims to precisely control the position of the foot segments, the degree of motion and the timing sequence of each motion. Improved muscle mechanics will need less energy expenditure, resulting in a more efficient walking and running gait cycle.

The following instructions will help ensure optimum function and life of your orthotics.

1. Gradually increase the wearing time until you can wear them all day. The duration of the wearing in period will depend on your level of activity and symptoms. Please note that excessive initial use may result in pain in the feet or legs. Orthotics should not be wear for sport until you are able to wear them all day for normal daily activities.

2. Some of the more suitable types of footwear for the fitting of orthotics include boots, joggers and lace-up shoes. Other desirable shoe features include a removable inner sole which can be replaced with your custom made orthotics, deep heel counters and a strap or buckle over the top of the shoes to help hold the foot against the orthotics. Should you need help in footwear selection and recommendation, our podiatrist at Passion Podiatry is always ready to assist.

3. If your orthoses “squeak” in your shoes as you walk, simply add talcum powder to the inside of your shoes under the orthotics.

4. Do not place your orthotics near a heater as the temperature will alter the shape of the device, causing loss of functional correction.

5. Vinyl orthotics may be cleaned with soap and lukewarm water. Hot water will damage them. Orthotics covered with shock absorbing material should be “aired out” regularly and may be wiped over with a damp cloth.

Your orthotics may need to be periodically changed as the foot adapts to a better functional position. Regular reviews are important to ensure that your correct orthotic prescription is maintained over time.

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