At Passion Podiatry, everyone is welcomed. From infant as young as 3 months old to 65+ years old elders, from the simple toenail cut to chronic heel pain, we as a specialized foot care provider are ready to provide you our professional medical advice and effective treatments at the highest standards.


Every year, our podiatrists regularly attend continuing professional development courses to stay on top of our services quality. Rest assure as you put your feet in our hand. You will receive our very best podiatry treatment available today. Our podiatrists are well trained to ensure that every aspect of your foot care meets with your approval.

Our podiatrist can assess, advice, diagnose, recommend treatment and management for your lower limb, foot and ankle problems. We deal with most aspects of podiatry care. These include:-

General Foot And Ankle Pain
Diabetic Foot Screening And Foot Care Advises
Ingrown Toenail Surgery
Home Visits
General Nail And Skin Care
Infants And Children Foot Management
Elderly Falls Prevention
Orthotic Therapy
Foot Dry Needling
Footwear Reviews And Recommendation


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