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Still uncertain if it is time for a visit to Passion Podiatry? Do you have the following symptoms or queries?

  • Getting pain in your heels or arches, especially first thing in the morning or at the end of the day after work?

  • Aches and pain in your feet, knees and legs?

  • Flat feet?

  • Thickened, elongated or painful toenails?

  • Painful skin lesion on your feet? Cracked heels? Callouses? Corns?

  • Experiencing numbness, burning sensation in your feet?

  • Having a chronic health condition such as diabetes?

  • Can’t find appropriate, comfortable footwear?

  • Simply need a general check or advice in maintaining your foot health?

  • Had a fall and lost confidence to be on your feet?

  • Need help but can’t get to the podiatry clinic?

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