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Welcome to Passion Podiatry

Passion Podiatry was established by owner and podiatrist Jasmine Lee in 2016. It started as a part-time venture, but is steadily growing. We are conveniently located at two locations – Queens Park and Wattle Grove.

At Passion Podiatry, we strive to provide quality and friendly podiatry service and care to patients of all age groups, young and old, to ensure they enjoy a pain-free lifestyle.

Passion Podiatry is all about your feet. Your feet play a very crucial role in your day to day routine. This is why Passion Podiatry exists to empower people to have their feet function at their very best and doing what they love.

passion podiatry

The Goal

Some people when they first meet me or after a number of times, might inquire as to why I decided to become a podiatrist. Typical question might be something like, “So Jasmine, why podiatrist? Why feet? What made you want to become a podiatrist?” or “What made you want to look at feet all day?”

I admit they are not the most glamorous part of the body but this is my story of why I chose to look at “feet for a living” and how I got to where I am today. It all started from a childhood dream to become a health professional. I always wanted to be healthcare field. I have great passion in helping people, especially in the health aspect as I believe health is the most precious element in life. Without health, we can’t really enjoy the other aspects of life, be it relationship or successful career. And healthy feet are something that we generally take for granted.


Once completing my high school studies I realized podiatry would be a perfect fit for me and hence, undertook an undergraduate bachelor podiatry course. I am passionate to “keep people on their feet”, maintain their mobility and empower them to put their best foot forward in their day to day life.

The Experiences

Podiatry is a very rewarding job from the simple toenail cut to chronic heel pain, at the end of the day; it’s nice to be able to help people, to see people walking out of the door with less painful feet.  


After graduating from university in 2013, I began working in a variety of clinical settings, ranging from hospitals, private practice, community centers and aged care facilities. I have also has previous experience working at a private practice in Geraldton, providing podiatry services to the local community, private hospital and aged care facilities.


Having been involved with rural and multidisciplinary practice, I understood the importance of multidisciplinary based, continuing and comprehensive holistic healthcare.

The Mission

As a Podiatrist owned and managed business we are able to focus on high quality foot care and management of all foot related concerns. Passion in empowering people to maximize their mobility, function and independence ensures us to deliver the best possible service to the community.


Our promise to you is that we will always do our best to make sure you are satisfied with your treatment. If we feel like you would benefit from another area of expertise, then we won’t hesitate to refer you on. If you are not happy with your treatment, please tell us so that we can constantly improve and strive for higher level of excellence to provide the best possible services to you.

Thank you to everyone who supported Passion Podiatry from day one. We look forward to a healthy feet life, stepping your best foot forward together.

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