Painful Arthritic Feet

There are 26 bones in the foot that help it to adapt to different surfaces we walk on as well as absorbing mechanical shock. Arthritis can result in pain and abnormal joint movem...

Supination, also known as underpronation, is when the foot doesn't pronate much. It is often refers as the outward roll of the foot as part of the normal gait motion during push-off phase to propel th...

Many disorders can affect the joints of the toes, causing pain, deformity and preventing the foot from functioning as it should. 

Types Of Toe Deformities

The middle joint is affected, causing the toe t...

What are Bunions? 

Have you ever notice a bump or bony lump on the side of your foot at the base of the big toe? A bunion is a bone deformity of the big toe joint, where the bones are out of alignment....

An ingrown toenail is a common nail condition seen by the podiatrist. An ingrown toenail occurs when the skin on one or both sides of a nail grows over the edges of the nail, or when the nail itself g...

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