Understanding children’s foot development

Children foot and ankle problems can often be difficult for parents to identify. Children’s complaints and a change in behaviour can easily be misinterpreted a...

Understanding Idiopathic Toe Walking  

Most children begin walking at about 12 to 15 months of age. As they learn to walk, they often try different foot positions, such as walking on tiptoes. By around...

Understanding Duck Feet – Out Toeing    
Out-toeing or duck feet is when your child’s foot points outward instead of straight ahead when he or she walks or runs. Like in-toeing, while out-toeing is of...

Understanding Pigeon Toes - Intoeing

In-toe or pigeon-toed is when the feet turned inwards as we walk. It is common in childhood and is usually outgrown. This is a very common clinical presentation whi...

Pronation is a normal motion in the foot as the foot rolls inwards just after it lands on the ground. It is part of the natural gait movement that helps the lower leg to adapt to different ground surf...

Do you know that sports injuries are the second leading reason for children and adolescents to attend hospital emergency departments? The high number of injuries in children is due to the vast amount...

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